A list of lists!

July 30, 2009

You know things are right in the world when you check your email after a stressful, busy day of work and the only unread piece of mail you have is entitled “The Top 20 Literary Top 10 Lists”

Oh, gmail… however did you know that I needed an über-list to cheer me up?  Not only is it a list of interesting lists (which on my own time I probably would not have bothered to search for), but it’s from a website I kind of like – Abe Books.  I say “kind of” because it isn’t particularly novel or unique, just a site that sells cheapish used books, but I used it to buy most of my textbooks last semester and had a favorable experience.

Abe Books\’ Top 20 Literary Top Ten Lists

The lists they cite include “Top 10 Books That Make Me Hungry,”  “10 Books In Which Things End Badly,” “Top Ten Scandinavian Crime Novels,” and “Ten Beloved Animals in Fiction.”



I like lists.   I make them everywhere – in my head, on scraps of paper, in the margins of my school notebooks, in word documents on my computer, in email drafts, in sharpie marker on the back of my hand…you get the idea.  Sometimes I stumble upon old lists I’ve made, usually To-Do Lists, and always enjoy reading over my days- or weeks-old bullet points.  Why?  There is something, for me at least, deeply satisfying about releasing my mind of the responsibility of remembering everything, and trusting a scrap of paper or ink on my skin to do the work.  I think it might be interesting to have this blog as a way to write down and keep the lists I come up with.

Since my username for this blog is Julianimal (a clever combination of Julianna and animal), I think I will begin my list collection with a list of my favorite word combinations  (definitions provided).

1. Mankle Boots:  Ankle boots worn by men.

2. Mandals:  Sandals worn by men.

3. Thesbian: Lesbian thespians (this word courtesy of Maria)

Cynthia Nixon (thesbian) and her partner

Cynthia Nixon (thesbian) and her partner

4. Drunchies: Drunk munchies – pangs of hunger and cravings for food, usually of a greasy and artery-clogging kind, encountered when drunk

greasy food

5. Blasian: Someone who is black & Asian

supermodel Tyson Beckford, a very attractive Blasian.

supermodel Tyson Beckford, a very attractive Blasian.

6. Ginormous: Enormous AND gigantic.

the first result of a google image search for ginormous

the first result of a google image search for "ginormous"

That’s all for now.